Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Year Anniversary

I forgot to denote an important event in my life, one that happened five years ago and has been a positive and overwhelming force in my day to day life. Five years ago, I began a relationship that is truly special and remarkable:

I bought my first iPod. A 20 gig model, to be specific. Click wheel, button row above the wheel... White... No frills. I began the process of loading my CDs onto my computer, then my fiancee's CDs, and a loving relationship was born.

Now, 16,000 tracks, 30 or so podcasts, and hundreds of movies and tv shows (thank you, TiVo-to-go), as well as four replacement and upgrades later...

Let's see. The first iPod lasted two years and had a hard drive failure while I was wearing it on an armband while mowing the lawn. The 2nd iPod was replaced when I bought my wife a new Mac computer, and that one was replaced when I got my first iPod touch for free using a teacher's discount to buy another computer. Then, the 3rd iPod was stolen, and thus my current machine is here. This will likely last me until The Boy is done with his treatment, when I get whatever generation iPhone will be available.

Tomorrow, I reset one of my playlists to "before five years." that's cool, to hvr stuff that I haven't listened to in a long time.

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