Saturday, April 11, 2009

Couch Potatoe

Any suggestions as to interesting tv shows or movies for a 19-month old? We're looking for interesting things for The Boy to watch at the hospital.

We watch some Sesame Street, and lots of HBO's family stuff: the Classical Baby movies and Goodnight Moon. They're great, but we're over 100 plays on the iPod for Goodnight Moon and already up to 60 (combined) for the three Classical Baby movies.

Looking for stuff that is inoffensive for adults and has fewer ADD-inducing quick image and scene changes.

We are aware that the studies say that tv is bad for kids that young. We also know that the movies help an impossible situation become liveable. We'll worry about the later consequences - well, later. Crap attitude, I know. Eh.

So, suggestions. Don't say Baby Einstein. Not a fan.


the mol said...

You spell potato like a true Republican.

Cate said...

My 18 month old is particularly fond of both Ice Age movies and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Finding Nemo has always been a standby. He wasn't a big fan of Baby Einstein once he learned how to get away from it.

Bill said...

Mr. Quayle,

Sagwa the Cat, Calliou, Curious George, Zaboomafoo, Thomas the Tank engine. All good stuff, although a bit maddening for the parents.

Mama B said...

My 19m old still lacks the concentration to sit through a whole film, he adores 'In The Night Garden' though (25 minute episodes) which is pleasing to adults in a nonsensical sort of way. All of the characters go to bed at the end of each episode, so it's gentler than a lot of children's programmes, in both colour and pace. The show's on the BBC in the UK, but I think you can buy it on DVD from Amazon in the US.

the mol said...

Most of the stuff that we watch is pleasant for us as well. Pretty much if we can't stand it, we don't put it on for him. Hence, no Baby Einstein, because it's annoying as heck.

JessicaB said...

Both my boys (4 and 14 months) like
Bee Movie
Finding Nemo
Backyardagains (fun music)
Curious Buddies (OK not for the adults, but cute)