Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The number one thing that I wish that I'd been better about doing is keeping myself hydrated while I'm here. With the air circulation system running the way it does, I'm constantly dehydrated when I'm here at the hospital. That's my message to new hospital goers: drink lots of water.

Speaking of, The Boy is showing signs of over hydration, namely high blood pressure for no apparent reason. The nephrologist (kidney specialist) says that he'll likely be fine once he's off the iv drip. Until then, he's on an extra dose of norvask and a new blood pressure med.

Best part? Our nurse wants to give him an extra dose of norvask now that he's been asleep for hours. It isn't bad enough that we struggle and fight to get him to take the meds at the time he's supposed to take them. Now they want me to wake him up to try to take the medicine that makes him vomit.

We'll see what happens. I'm hoping sleep will lower his - and my - blood pressure.

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