Monday, April 13, 2009

Diapers vs Sleep

Diaper Hell is done for another couple of weeks, and boy, am I glad. I had the 2am and 6am. I passed out around 10:30 last night, which was relatively early.

I surprised myself by waking up about 15 minutes before the alarm each time. At the start of the night, my wife was asleep in the other room; we want to avoid exposure to chemo-tainted urine. When I got up to get the diaper and rubber gloves, I returned to find him sleeping horizontally across the bed, legs tucked underneath and tush in the air. Sigh.

Rolled him over, changed him, and he was awake and hunting for Mommy. She joined us, with extra layers of protection, and the rest of the night went smoother.

So, I'm back to school this morning, having had a no-break break from school. The only break from work and the normal routine was a couple hours of Playstation on Thursday and Friday night. Sigh.

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