Friday, April 24, 2009


So, I'm on baby duty again tonight. For those keeping score at home, that makes three in a row. In a larger sense, I'm looking at this like training for the summer and the fall, when I'll likely be doing 98% of the overnight stays until Baby Bear is old enough to make it through the night without nursing. Because, after all, Mommy carries a milk source around with her, and I do not.

"I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?" - Robert DeNiro

It'll be an interesting thing about the whole hospital trips, once Baby Bear is born. The hospital rules say that the baby has to be one year old with immunizations up to date in order to "visit." So, if The Boy has to be admitted to the hospital because of a neutrapenic fever, what do we do with Baby Bear? (The likely answer: $9 an hour at the babysitters. Sigh.)

The Boy is asleep, and it's almost 10 o'clock. I'm going to listen to the end of the Yankees-Red Sox game, then watch last week's Fringe, and go to sleep. Maybe. If I'm allowed.

The good news? The Boy is off of the IV tubes for right now. The doctors think that the increase in fluids is making his blood pressure go up, so they have him off of the IV fluids and have increased his blood pressure medication. They're probably going to treat him for his staph infection, which is 10 days of IV infusion medication, 2 to 3 times per day.

The difficult thing about it is the fact that the first culture, done in the emergency room, grew a virulent infection in just a couple of hours. The second culture, done after the first antibiotic was administered but before the second antibiotic was administered, has not grown anything in two days. So, what do they do? They're bringing in an infectious disease person to examine the two cultures.

But, as I said to the doctor, I believe that the consequences for treating a non-existent staph infection are MUCH less than NOT treating an existent staph infection. (Read: some issues vs. death.) So, let's treat it, and we'll worry about the rest later.

Isn't it interesting, how we as parents adapt to our situations? A year ago, before his diagnosis, that would have REALLY freaked me out. Now? Par for the course. Just another thang to add to the list of daily concerns, like remembering to clean & change the bandages on my wound and remembering to NOT eat the donut sitting on the counter over there.


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