Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was a frustrating day. We're not too pleased with how this whole hospital stay is working out, and it's getting to the two of us pretty badly. We're just not catching any breaks, and we feel that things could have been handled better by our caregivers.

Don't get me wrong - we aren't saying that the nurses and doctors are mistreating us. We are saying that we aren't happy with this visit. My wife discovered that there are other cases of c diff on the floor, which means that there is a significantly increased chance that The Boy caught it from something on a nurses' or doctor's shoe or hands or whatever. We can't say for sure, because c diff could legitimately have been the result of the antibiotics.

And, with one positive staph test on Monday and a negative test on Tuesday, why hasn't a third test been ordered?

The problem with the long hospital stays is that things go very, very wrong. Outside of the fact that being cooped up in that room is akin to being cooped up in a jail cell, hospitals are not clean, sanitary places. Sick people and germs are all over the place. Combine that with an immune deficient infant...

The Wife and I did get to go for a walk today, which was nice. I am now taking an hour to just sit and watch television. I need to, because I haven't done that at all or more than a week. Work is hard. Taking care of The Boy is hard. I need to relax a bit, to take a load off.

Did I mention the three fillings I got at the dentist today?

Only nine more days before we get out of the hospital. That's nine too many.


Sarah R said...

Lots of prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. I can't even imagine how frustrating it all must be.

JC said...

Bummer. I worry too about all the sickness around our room. I think the oncology rooms should have their own wing / floor / nurses / etc. Our hospital got 4 new patients last week while we were there. There were 11-12 patients there most of the week. It was crazy. Plus all the "sick" people down the hall. It all just a big Catch 22. Suck.