Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun day

We took The Boy to the Festival of Harmony. The Festival is this great event for young singers: they learn a handful of songs in one day's rehearsal and perform them that night. There's about a hundred or so kids involved.

The Boy had a great time, walking around the big school. One of the chaperones brought a dachshund dog with a very gentle disposition. The Boy took a little while, but he worked up the courage to pet the doggy. It was very cute.

He really enjoyed the singing. He didn't stop much and listen, but he did circulate towards the music often. He was very, very good and charming.

This morning, we resumed our walk to the diner for breakfast. It was a great morning. He loves eggs right now, and he ate quite a few potatoes in hashed form. He didn't want any of my wife's French toast, though.

Tonight, The Boy did a great job playing outside. He played very nicely in his new sandbox, and he pulled his tiny wagon halfway around the corner. We pulled him in the big red wagon for a little while, which was lots of fun. He loves the wagon!!

Bedtime was pretty easy. The Wife sang to him, read a story, and told stories to him until he slept. I was finishing by prospectus, but I joined them for some snuggle time.

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