Sunday, April 12, 2009


The blogwriter app on my iPod requires a google pictures account, which is blocked on the hospital's firewall. Sigh.

Chemo started about a half hour ago. The Boy is resting comfortably with Mommy, which is good considering the fit he threw when we wouldn't let him play in the refrigerator earlier. He was standing in front of the open fridge and gagging. Since he hasn't eaten much today, it was kind of important for him to keep down his already eaten food. So, deprived of his preferred toy, he did what any toddler does, and pitched a fit.

Same results a Phil Cook in today's Yankees game: ineffective and annoying.

After this is done, we should be able to go home, for a night of Diaper Hell. Happy happy joy joy.

The good news is that I can listen to the ball game using the MLB app. The browser for the gamecast doesn't work with the hospital firewall. That's disappointing.

Might be an interesting week at work. We'll see. The Boy might be spending an hour or two with me tomorrow, which is always fun.

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