Monday, April 20, 2009

Hospital Time

You know, five months without a neutrapenic fever is actually pretty darn good. Most of our cancer friends have been admitted at least once for fevers and such. Let's face it: The Boy has been lucky, and we haven't helped matters by taking him to the Festival of Harmony and such.

So, the 100.4 fever doesn't come as a complete shock. It's a little surprising, considering that he had such a good, active weekend, but it's not too much of one. We packed the car up, and right now I'm sitting with him while The Wife goes to get dinner.

For some reason, I'm not terrifically hungry right now. Most likely because I stopped at Costco and had samples. Mmmmmm... free pulled pork.

Updates will follow. We're going to get a chest x-ray and get checked in, likely for the rest of the week. So much for the swingset tomorrow. Besides, it's raining too hard for outdoor construction.

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