Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Late Nite Blogging

I'm waiting for my iPod to back up before it syncs, and it's taken 15 minutes. I've updated Facebook and Twitter and set the latest Bleach episode to convert to iPod Touch format, so here I am. Not that y'all are a lower priority, but I didn't think about blogging until now.

The Boy is off all of the meds except for the c diff antibiotic. That's a good thing. Considering the amount of rice and yogurt that he's been eating, he should resume normal (solid) pooping shortly. ZOMG - this kid can chow down on the rice and rice cakes. He might be more into the honey, but I'm all right with that.

This afternoon was a brief visit by me, and I'm kind of unhappy about that. It had to be - I had rehearsal tonight, which went great, the Dapper Dans are going to ROCK at the contest on Saturday - but it was frustratingly brief. I got in some good playing with The Boy. We had a fun game: I'd put his crayons and markers into a zipper bag until he'd see me doing it. He'd shout, "Nononononononono" and take them from me and dump them on the ground, play with the bag, and then resume whatever he was doing. I'd stack them in again (not to put them away, just to mess with him), and it would resume.

We had some nice giggle time, where I tickled him until he was paralyzed. I don't think Mommy does the giggle thing quite as thoroughly as Musical Daddy does.The only down part was the head butt directly into my nose. Ouch. Not so much fun, particularly since I was already nursing a nasty tired-headache. The most fun game? I start buzzing my lips like I'm going to give him raspberries, and I slowly move in to "attack." He usually folds himself in half and collapses, laughing, before I'm within six inches of him. He usually will laugh himself into utter helplessness without me actually touching him.

Amazing, isn't it? Here's this kid, suffering from cancer, chemo side effects, antibiotic issues, cooped up in a small room for over a week... and he's still doing so well, emotionally. Kudos to Mommy for not letting him go nuts.

My iPod is still backing up. I think there's a problem with the backup program. Sigh.

Anyway. Tomorrow, I'm sending Mommy to orchestra rehearsal and spending the night. It means an earlier morning for both of us, but I'm okay with that. It gives her more time at home. We'll see what happens Thursday night / Friday morning. I'll probably go home, because I do have to pack for the trip to the contest at some point. Then again, considering I might not get my iPod back for an hour or two, it might be a good time right now.

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the mol said...

Tickling?! That's what Daddies do best!