Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Olive Garden

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner tonight. It was okay; but the Olive Garden isn't exactly first class dining. Better than Friday's, anyway.

The Boy was not so interested in his pasta. He wasn't interested in mine, either, or in the breadsticks. Whatever. He had a big lunch. If he gets hungry later, I'll give him some yogurt and jelly.

He's still accessed from the visit to the Valerie Fund today. He didn't get any transfusions; his counts were quite good. They'll drop precipitously over the next several days, so they left the access plugged in until Friday, when he will likely get blood or platelets or both.

Today is Jackie Robinson Day in the major leagues, so everybody is wearing #42 on their uniform. The only player to still be allowed to wear it? Mariano Rivera, the Yankees closer, who was wearing it already when major league baseball retired it.

Guys' Night tonight. I wonder if I'll get to watch Lost or not.

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