Friday, April 3, 2009


Twitterfon, the iPod Touch's Twitter application, just completely bricked my iPod Touch - to the point where it needs to be formatted, restored, and returned from the latest backup, which - I believe - was done about two hours ago. Thank G-d for my obsessive updating and backing up of my toys. OCD is far under-rated, my friends.

Goodbye to the afternoon nap with The Boy that I have been in love with for, oh, the past 19 months. He's completely over the afternoon nap thing, and we have begun regretting the few times in the past couple of weeks that he's taken one. He naps in the late morning with my wife, sometimes in the early afternoon, depending on when they eat lunch. That's it. We knew that it was only a matter of time before he outgrew the need for the second nap ( least until he hits his teenage years, when those multiple naptimes will return), but we were fooled by the delay in that growth caused by the chemotherapy-induced fatigue.


I really looked forward to that, every day - come home and nap for an hour. The good thing is that The Boy still looks forward to our resting time; he just uses that time to watch one of the Classical Baby movies or to explore our bedroom and try to break stuff. Most days, I've gotten a little five-minute catnap during our resting time. That's about it.

This week has been a long, long week. We had the excessive drama over the weekend, caused by a relatively major emotional crisis. That crisis - basically, questioning our sleeping habits, my school (Western Governors school, not work-school) schedule, our lack of recreation schedule - got blown entirely out of proportion because of the crushing amount of stress that we're carrying around. We're through it, more or less. The issues that we wrestled with last weekend are resolved: my school schedule has been hammered out to both of our satisfaction, aided by a modification to my program from my adviser. It's not going to be easy, but it can be done in a relatively time-efficient way. I won't be finished this term, but I should finish up next term. I hope.

So, after a weekend that included no rest at all, I had a great Monday - great teaching day, great schoolwork at night, everything. Tuesday was a LONG day, with a great barbershop rehearsal at night. Wednesday was another long day: honors band rehearsal after school, which was a LOT of fun but exhausting, and a long night with The Boy afterwards. Thursday was even longer - got home from school in time to find out that Uncle P had a work emergency (dueling water main breaks) that caused him to cancel his babysitting with us with roughly 90 minutes notice before we were leaving. My father stepped in, Thank G-d, allowing us both to get to rehearsal - which ran over by a half hour, so we didn't get home until after 11. Today was a long day - Fine Arts Day at school, which meant that I had no prep or lunch periods today. Yuck. I did eat and rest, but I did it at the expense of helping out. I didn't know what I was doing this year, so it wasn't a huge deal.

Long week. REALLY long week. Good week, don't get me wrong; but a long one. The Boy had a great week, also: while he needed blood and platelets on Tuesday, he only needed platelets on Thursday with no return visit on Friday. That's a good thing. He's also becoming a lot more responsive and engaged in the world: today, at dinner time, he pointed at the couscous and said, "More!" We said, "Say please!" He responded, "Peeeeeezzzz!" It was very cute. The third time he asked for more (The Boy loves his couscous), he said "Peeeezzzzz!" without being prompted.

He also walked up to the refrigerator and started pulling at the door, earlier in the day. When I came over to help, he said, "avocado!" He ate an entire avocado today. Man, I'll bet guacamole might help get some medicine down.

Speaking of, we're done with the bactrum. He just refuses to take it, and when we try, we're wrestling with a writhing, screaming, miserable baby. He literally makes himself sick: if he swallows any, he cries until he vomits it up. He also spent a solid two hours coughing after the two times that The Wife tried to give him his medicine. We're not TOO concerned, considering that the bactrum is prophylactic; there's an IV antibiotic that he can get, once a month, that does the same thing. It's not as effective, but we're willing to deal with it. Bottom line, the effort is not worth the reward. It makes everyone really, really unhappy to try to get The Boy to take that medicine.

Thank G-d for The Boy's medicine port. I cannot imagine what medicine was like before they had those access ports. I'll bet it was a lot more unhappy than it was.

Anyway. It's after midnight, and I'm exhausted. The iPod is restoring from the backup, so no harm done. I just need to remember NOT to hit that button in the Twitterfon application.

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JC said...

They put my little girl on the IV med instead of the bactrum this week too. The doctor witnessed our struggle on Friday and said enough is enough. Thank God!!! I was out in the hallway crying myself at the hospital while my hubby try to force it into her. That med is no fun to give or receive apparently. Glad your boy is feeling good.