Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleepytime Down South, Again

The Boy spent a big chunk of today asleep, which is good for The Wife. She's been fighting off a nasty, dirty, gross cold that's had her blow through about four boxes of tissues over the past couple of days. She's needed the rest, and - apparently - so has he. Last night, for instance, he was asleep around 8-ish, and he slept through until a bit after 7. With two morning naps.

Lazy boy. ...he says with a fond smile. G-d knows the kid has earned his rest. This is almost entirely chemo-related. The Wife thinks he might be going through another growth spurt. Wouldn't surprise me, the way he's been eating.

I have a feeling that much of the next couple of years is going to be like this. I also have a feeling that he's going to more than make up for it, when he's ready to do the bouncing off the walls thing that he did at last week's Compline mass rehearsal.

That'll be good for us when Baby #2 arrives, as it'll let all of us catch up on sleep.

Whatever. I'd like for him to save some nap for 4-5 today, when I really need it. Not bloody likely. Still, here's to hoping...

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