Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three for three, baby!

Even though the Yankees ruined part of my night by blowing the game - twice - we had a good night. I went to sleep after watching Fringe, which was around midnight. I woke up around 6:30, when the nurse came in for the first of four trips to get blood or give flushes or somesuch. She was forgetful this morning. Not about anything really important, mind you; she just forgot to draw blood once, then returned to change The Boy's IV bag, then returned to unhook The Boy from the IV pole.

So, I was then awake. I read some blogs, then The Boy woke up, looked at me, grunted, and peed on my arm.

Ah, the tender joys of fatherhood.

We played, he pooped, we played more, and he's chowing down on rice cake while we wait until 8:30(!!!) for his real breakfast to arrive.

I wonder if it'll come with coffee. Doubt it. I need some coffee.

The Boy was very sweet last night, though. Only woke twice, both for about two minutes. Snuggle and a huggle and back to sleep.

It'll be nice spending the day off of the iV pole.

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