Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the Hotel...

102.9 temperature under his arm this morning means they left for the Emergency Room around 7:10 this morning. It is especially disappointing because this sort of thing generally means a long hospital stay, and we were supposed to have chemo tomorrow. Such is life.

He's been mostly a couch potato today, which we're okay with. If his temperature is this high, then he shouldn't be moving around too much. Right now, The Wife is at home, gathering her things for a nighttime stay. The Boy's temperature is down to 101.3 under the arm (thank you, Tylenol), and he's sitting on his playmat playing with the little piggy bank toy.

Was playing with it. Now he threw it across the mat.

He hasn't eaten much of anything today, but he's drunk a few things of juice. That's a good thing. He keeps clutching at his port; it seems to give him a consistent ache, with an occasional flash of pain. I think that the port might be infected. I don't know what they can do about it, other than pump him full of antibiotics and / or replace it.

We'll see. The Wife will be back in an hour or two, then I'm going home to run and to do some schoolwork.

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