Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boring, WONDERFULLY boring, Saturday

This morning, The Boy let us sleep until almost 7:15, which was blissful. It might have been later - he seemed quite content to watch Sesame Street reruns on the bedroom TiVo (anyone from TiVo wanna help us get an inexpensive deal on a 2nd TiVo? We've got a lifetime subscription on one, but this one isn't hooked up to the TiVo service, and it's annoying) until I got up because my bladder was about to explode messily.

We dressed and did teeth and medicines, then we walked to the diner for breakfast, stopping at two garage sales along the way. We're looking for a double stroller, but not in a tremendous rush. The "Townwide Garage Sale" is in two weeks, and we'll do some damage there. He was an absolute young gentleman at the restaurant, and he charmed every single person there when he walked with me to the front and handed the lady the money.

Parents - a great place to teach your kids about restaurant etiquette is breakfast. The food comes out REALLY quickly, and it's inexpensive, compared with the other meals. The other people there are generally in a better mood and are generally better disposed towards young'uns. Plus, breakfast foods are fun - eggs, and pancakes, and French toast are awesome.

After breakfast, we played for a while at home until naptime, and then the three of us napped together until around 1:30. Family naps rule. I just hope that Baby Bear thinks the same thing! We had a quick bite for lunch and went to CostCo.

CostCo is a nice walking place. It's relatively climate controlled, and there's lots of big, wide aisles for babies to get some walking done. There's lots of stuff to look at, and lots of other kids to interact with. We spent WAY too much money at CostCo then headed home.

I did some schoolwork, then chased after The Boy for a while while The Wife rested. She's starting to enter the "uncomfortable" part of the third trimester, and it's taking its toll on her. She's fine, just tired and achy. Now, I'm going to do a couple hours of schoolwork while she puts him to bed, and then we're probably going to watch a movie. Maybe even have some snuggles. Probably just watch a movie.

Why does Elmo EVER ask Mr. Noodle anything? I'm surprised that Mr. Noodle is actually dressed when Elmo visits with him.

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