Monday, May 18, 2009

Danger Zone

So, The Boy's CBC came back with mixed results today. His red blood cell count was quite good, at 10.something. His platelets came back low at 25. His white cells were in the basement. Functionally, he has no immune system at this current time.

Scary part? His valley doesn't end until Friday. Friday will be ten days after his last chemo day, which means that he will start to recover. So, he's not going anywhere for the next couple of days. And, we do some heavy praying that he doesn't pick up any germs or viruses or anything.

Welcome to the world of chemotherapy side effects. "I know! Let's cure cancer by pumping these children with SO MANY toxic chemicals that we kill their immune systems! That's a GREAT idea!"

Grrr. Try telling a toddler that he can't do stuff - can't go outside, can't play downstairs, can't, can't, can't, can't, can't. How frustrating for everyone.