Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Days that Suck

They installed a Foley catheter in The Boy today at the Valerie Fund Center. To be more specific, they installed three different Foley caths this morning. The first two catheters failed to collect any urine, and a nephrologist himself had to come in and do it.

That's going to cost me $300, as apparently he's out-of-network. I don't understand that, because he's at St. Barnabas, which is in network, along with all of his other oncology doctors. Sigh.

How much does that have to suck? My wife was less than thrilled with the whole thing, and I'm a little nauseous thinking about it. He was apparently okay with the whole thing, relatively speaking. G-d only knows that that isn't the worst thing that has happened to him this week.

We will be collecting urine for 24 hours and pouring it into a jug. Fun. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the romantic and unconditional love that parents and children have for each other: we will willingly and enthusiastically collect our son's pee and dump it into a jar for further collection.

Man, I'm just tired. Seriously emotionally numb. I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it through the end of the school year.


the mol said...

The first one didn't collect urine. The second didn't go in because a valve in there was shut tight. The third was inserted by the urologist. And hopefully it won't be THAT kind of expensive.

the mol said...

And more good news--the bag is big enough that we don't need to dump it.