Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here we go again...

The Boy started screaming in pain at around noon and still hasn't really stopped. He was saying "Owie" and grabbing at his right leg, the leg that got his nupagen shot yesterday. The Wife called me at 2:50 in hysterics. I was home at 2:53.

We called the doctor again, and while on the phone, The Boy tried to climb off the bed and go wandering. He immediately started screaming, so we loaded the car and left. We got to the hospital at 4, got an x-ray and ultrasound which revealed nothing.

But, his blood pressure is through the roof. Like, 140/105. So, they are checking us in for observation. We expressed concern - since his total white count was 0.2 yesterday, we are hyper-aware of the probability of catching an infection. We would really prefer that our son not catch a potentially fatal disease while in observation for blood pressure.

So, we're going into the PICU tonight. I'm not enthusiastic, because it's not likely that they'll let him sleep in a bed with me. This means that no one is going to sleep tonight.

Sigh. I regret missing the marching band auditions today, but my wife doesn't get hysterical very often. Tomorrow is not going to be fun for anyone.

At least the Yanks won tonight. That makes it a little better.

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