Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A little better...

His fever is still high, but not in the danger zone. It's in the "don't plan to be home in the next 12 hours" zone, but not in the "let's hook him to an IV and blast him with obscene doses of antibiotics" zone. I think the nurse is somewhat to blame - in five minutes that I was in the room before The Wife got back tonight, I saw her come in, touch him twice without washing or Purelling his hands, and then put a poopy diaper on the sink top where toiletries and sippy cups were resting.

Hello? You have a college degree in nursing?

They all can't be Tisches. Tisch is my favorite. She's cool. Then again, Debbie is all right, too, and Ruby reminds me of the Prophet in the Matrix.

Anyway, he's still cute. He still loves Dah-dee. And he gives GREAT hugs and kisses.


JC said...

we had the nurse from hell last night. only our second time having her so I guess we are lucky, but I won't have her again. she actually woke up Summer to shine a light in her eye. Nurses don't do that!!!!!!

Sarah R said...

Just because someone is a nurse doesn't mean they have common sense. OMG, I have definitely come across my share of idiot nurses.

Honestly, I think the ones working in pediatric cancer should be required to take extra courses in infection control.

the mol said...

We love most of the step down nurses. And we love Nicole too, here in PICU. She admitted to being a bit OCD-that is who needs to be a nurse, and who needs to be running infection control.