Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Stinker...

It really is funny, listening to the biggest little "fib" that The Boy tells. When he's pooped into his diaper, it's pretty obvious - the smell saturates the room fairly quickly. We say, "Did you poo?" And he responds, "No no no no no...", which we all know is really untrue. He's quite adamant about it.

I'd be interested to find out how he interprets the question to get that response. My guess is that he hears the equivalent of, "Do you want to stop playing and get your diaper changed?", in which case a response of "no" is perfectly appropriate. I potty trained late for that precise reason, my focus on the task at hand. The Wife asks him now, "Do you need the potty?" which seems to elicit a response closer to that which we seek, namely that he has to, or has just created, poop.

I know that truth and reality are extremely fluid to young children and toddlers. I'm "looking forward" to coming home and finding a marker in his hand, a trail of ink coming down the wall and floors to where he's sitting, and receiving a response akin to "I didn't do it." To them, they didn't do it. They don't mean to lie, necessarily, they just don't remember doing it or don't understand the importance of it.

That hasn't happened, by the way. I'm just using it as an example. I read it in a magazine or something.

This afternoon, when Mommy left for her concert, he crawled up onto my shoulder for hugs and comfort. Mommy leaving - even though she always comes back - is quite traumatic. The little rat then fell asleep, leaving me trapped in the armchair for two hours. That was fine, because my father and I watched a stellar baseball game between the Yanks and the Twins - nice to see the bats and the bullpen finally waking up. Also, a little bit of history - the last time the Yanks had three consecutive walk-off wins was 1931.

When he finally woke up, we played until Mommy came home, then they ate dinner and I slept. After that, I ran a few miles, did some schoolwork, and am now going to cuddle up next to my baby boy and go to sleep.

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Sarah R said...

Andrew hates having his diaper changed and will run and hide when the word, "diaper" is mentioned.