Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marching Order (Hurry Up and Wait)

So, we're going to go in for chemo tomorrow. The wheels have been set in motion - Grandma & Grandpa are coming in from Pittsburgh, a volunteer from Chai Lifeline is coming in the morning, and I'm driving The Wife and The Boy to the hospital before school. We'll have breakfast in the cafeteria before admittance time.

But, wait... literally. They haven't gotten the creatinine clearances yet. Until they get that approval, we're on hold. So, wait on Grandma & Grandpa, pause on the volunteer, and hold off on the ride with Musical Daddy. We're not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, The Boy still has a catheter inside of him and has his port accessed. The poor thing has tubes where tubes ought not to be. He napped with us again this afternoon. I could get used to that. I won't, because I know it won't last. However, the extra hour or so of sleep is amazingly restful.

I have another 7 minutes to make the decision about choir or no choir. I should go, because I can't go next week because of a show in which I'm playing. I shouldn't go, because I'm exhausted and would like to rest. This weekend won't be restful because The Boy will (likely) be in for chemotherapy. This might be my last chance to take it easy until next Wednesday... if chemo starts on time and if he's actually allowed to go home from the hospital. If If If If If If If If If.

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