Friday, May 22, 2009

Not as much fun as I'd like...

In a nutshell, The Boy's remaining kidney is going. We don't know when - it could be a few months, it could be a few years. But, it's as close to a medical certainty as they'll give us that the kidney is going to need to be replaced.

There's lots of protein in his urine, there's a huge potassium problem (normal blood level is supposed to be 0.2; his was 8 yesterday, down from the teens the day before), and there's a huge blood pressure problem.

The chemo treatments are extremely toxic to the kidneys, but the thought is this: if the cancer gets out of control, The Boy will die. If the kidney gets out of control, it can be replaced. Damned if you do, less damned if you don't. There's no good solution here.

I don't know why THIS one finally got to me, I feel gut-punched. This one has me freaked out. Probably because, if he's going to take anyone's kidney in the house, it's probably going to be mine. (No sense taking The Wife's kidney - she's already too healthy. No need to screw that up. I've already got issues with other parts, but my kidneys and blood pressure are sterling. I handle being sick better than she does.) So, it's now something that will likely significantly affect my health. That's a little freaky.

(Right. Like I've been the picture of mental and physical health throughout this whole ordeal. As I've said on a number of occasions, someone is going to get kicked in the nuts for this one.)

I don't want to work myself up before I have to leave for work, so emotional reactions later.


Sarah R said...

I am in tears. I was telling this latest news to my husband this morning. I pray that you or your wife are a match and that you can get the boy fixed up and all better.


I would like to send a donation to help with The Boy's care, since I live too far away to do the run/walk. If you could e-mail me with an address, that would be great.

the mol said...

A correction: the potassium problem is new (and hopefully a result of medication more than anything else); the protein in the urine is the bigger issue. It was at 30, now it is at 8, and it is supposed to be at .2 or so.

But yea...this pretty well sucks.