Friday, May 15, 2009

One of Those Weeks... but not THOSE weeks.

This week is one of the weeks during which I see my family for about an hour per day. It's a little frustrating, but it's one of those things that goes hand-in-hand with a career in music. There are times when things are insanely busy, and this is one of those weeks. I'm playing in the pit orchestra for the musical "Damn Yankees" at a North Jersey high school. For a 6:30 call, I have to leave the house at around 5:15. That time covers the hour-ish commute and a stop at Starbucks.

I'm still not a big fan of the Evil Empire, but their coffee is growing on me. I got, like, seven or eight gift cards for Starbucks for Christmas from my students, which was really nice and thoughtful. So, that means that when I need coffee for hospital visits, nighttime shows, et al, I stop at the 'Bucks because I have gift cards.

One of my students actually gave me a $50 gift card for Starbucks. That lasted me, like, two months. ($2.09 for a venti Pike's with room, you know.)

I also like the "Single of the Week," which is a card that lets you download a song from iTunes for free from Starbucks. I've found a couple of really neat things there.

Anyway, my schedule all week has been this: home from school at 3:15. On Monday & Tuesday - hospital days - leave at 3:30 for the hospital, leave the hospital at 5:20. Wednesday through Friday, leave for the high school at 5:15. (Tonight I can actually leave at 5:40, because it's a 7 o'clock call.) Home at 11:00. Not the best baby-friendly schedule.

The Boy has been delightful all week, as is to be expected. He's been lots of fun in the afternoons, playing on his swing set and, yesterday, going with us on a walk through the park. Today, I hope we'll go on a wagon ride to the comic book store.

Considering that we've been at the hospital every day since April 20 - that's 23 straight days, for those keeping score at home - it's been heavenly to have a couple of days without hospital trips. Just, home. We can pretend - for a little while - that we're a normal family who does normal things.

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JC said...

Hope you get to enjoy the playground this weekend! :) Jennifer