Friday, May 8, 2009

Out with the new, In with the old...

So, more of the "same old, same old." We're in the same room that we've been in for three weeks. We're getting the same chemo we've gotten for six months. We've got the same routine down to a "T." What's the difference? meh. Nothing.

I was given clearance to resume exercising today. I've been off the exercise thing since the beginning of April, when I got the mole & cyst removed from my side and back, respectively. Now that one is a little scab and the other is far less of a gaping hole in my back, the surgeon told me to go nuts. Tonight, I did a nice 50 minute workout - a 25 minute run followed by six quick sets of lifting. It probably would only have been a 40 minute workout, at best, had I not taken a break to figure out why my computer was making odd noises. Whatever.

I got an hour or so's worth of work done tonight, as well - knocked off a three page paper for math school and did some reading. The paper only took me about a half hour, which was a long time considering that most of the project I had already done in a previous assignment for a different class. So, I plagiarized myself, answered the remaining question, edited, then saved. I'll re-read and turn it in tomorrow.

The Boy was quite cute and quite engaging, as usual. We got in some nice snuggling and some really good playing. He's getting to be quite talkative, parroting quite a few things that he hears from us. (Meaning, when I watch baseball, I need to turn my "teacher filter" on. Students of mine, stop laughing at the concept of my "teacher filter." You should see me when you're not around. Kind of like what's-his-name from "Full House.") I swear that I heard him say "Wanna Play!!!" today, which was the first "sentence" that I ever heard him use. The Wife wasn't listening, so she missed it.

Funny bit from the evening: he ate a BIG dinner - the entire serving of rice, about 95% of the chicken leg & thigh, and quite a bit of broccoli. (Nice that he's back on broccoli, incidentally.) Grandma sat down with him to play while she was eating her dinner, and he ate her entire noodle kugel and quite a bit of her apple kugel. It was really funny, considering that - after grabbing two pieces with his hands - he bogarted her fork and finished the job.

We must not feed that child.

It's amazing how our concept of "lucky" and "good" has changed. We're lucky that he's in chemo this weekend, and it's going to be a good weekend with him in chemo.

Tomorrow: STAR TREK STAR TREK STAR TREK STAR TREK. I'm already geeking out.

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