Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Blood pressure's sky high this morning. Protein's in his urine. He threw up before breakfast, although he resumed normal eating a half hour or so later.

This is starting to get really scary. I mean, I >think< we have it under control, but this makes me wonder. What if the blood pressure isn't being caused by an excess of IV fluids, like we suspect? What if his blood pressures DON'T go down when / if he comes home tonight?

I know, I know. "If if's and but's were treats and nuts..." I don't frequently let myself go down these paths. I'm bothered by that, and by a horrendous nightmare I had last night, where - for no real reason - The Wife just up & left me. I know it was just a nightmare, and likely significant only because I'm afraid of losing my son (and have been for the past 11 months), but it still has shaken me up pretty badly. It exposed a lot of nerve endings, you know, and hearing news like this doesn't help.

It's not often that a nightmare shakes me up like this... Ugh.

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the mol said...

I love you. And we'll get through this. The Boy is asleep with Grandma...was just drifting off when I arrived. He's still cute.