Friday, May 8, 2009

Scrubs Finale (no spoilers)

Scrubs is an amazing show. I won't say "was" an amazing show yet, because I haven't heard that abc was definitely not bringing it back. Still, having seen every episode multiple times, I can say a few things about the show as a whole, and the finale in specific.

Very few shows - actually, none that I can think of - bring me to tears as reliably as Scribs does. Even episodes that I've seen a dozen times have that effect on me: I feel for the people in the show, patients and doctors and staff alike.

It doesn't help that I'm in a hospital as often as we are, I guess. After living through my brother and mother passing away like they did, and living through the diagnosis and treatments of my son, I've felt my fair share of disappointment and dismay. When the people on the show are coping with these issues, I feel like I am as well.

It was a great run of a show. Wonderful, interesting and dynamic characters, truly. Zach Braff and crew created a wonderful world there at Sacred Heart Hospital.

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