Monday, May 4, 2009

St00pid hospital stay...

So, since we're still in jail at the Hotel St. Barnabas, life smacked me in the face at about 9:15 last night. My mother-in-law sent us home early, and I left the hospital at around 8:00. My wife followed about fifteen minutes or so later. I got home, updated the iPod & set the TiVo to download a few more programs (I'm two weeks behind on "Reaper"), then I shaved / showered / toothed my way towards bedtime. As we were watching the first episode of South Park that TiVo recorded in March, it suddenly hit me that it was May 3 and I hadn't paid any bills yet this month.

Most of our bills are set to automatic - insurances, mortgage, cable & telephone, cel phone, student loans, and electricity. However, the two most irritating bills to be late on - the two credit cards that we use - are NOT set to automatic pay. Grrr. One of the cards is never due until, like, the 8th or 9th, so it'll be okay. I'm just hoping that getting the bank to wire a payment today will catch the other credit card in time, particularly since that's the card that the swing set (all $1700 or so worth) is on. Irritating. Considering that I haven't missed a payment or been late on a payment since, like, 2004 or so, I'm assuming that things should be fine - particularly since it's a "my kid's in the hospital so I lost track of the date" thing. We'll see. I hate to play the cancer card, but I'm going to play the cancer card if need be.

Still, it's annoying to have to spend an hour and a half or so updating my bills instead of being at the hospital. I know that's why my mother-in-law is here, but it's frustrating to NOT see my son while he's awake and happy. I don't always want to do my schoolwork and my housework while he's awake; love the sleepy-snuggles, but I love playing with him just as much.

Yesterday, we played ball for a long time. He was sitting on the bed, and he'd throw the ball off of the bed and in my general direction. I'd then catch it and bounce it back at him, frequently off the top of his head. (It's a soft bouncy-type ball.) He'd laugh a lot, then throw it back. He played with everybody in the room, which was REALLY nice to see.

I want more.

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Sarah R said...

They will usually give you at least one chance, at least on the credit card thing. DH and I have darn near perfect credit, and I know one time I forgot until the day it was due--a simple call and they forgave the lateness of my payment. Life happens--people forget things all the time, but it's even harder when you are dealing with all YOU are dealing with.