Sunday, May 31, 2009

Staph Epi

That's the diagnosis: staph epi. That elusive second culture has finally come back with results. As The Wife and I have chronicles, the health issue we're contending with is the bacteria already present on his skin and in his body. This means that, until we / they figure this out, we aren't done with this staph thing.

Whatever. Staph is serious, but we know how to treat it. The biggest issue is that the vancomycin, the epi antibiotic, is harmful to his kidney. Can't win for losin'.

My MLB app is showing that the game hasn't yet started, when it started ten minutes ago. I was going to get up to hunt for tbs on the hospital tv, but The Boy rolled over in his sleep, grabbed my arm with both of his and threw one leg over my midsection. So, I'm stuck.

No word yet on how the epi affects tomorrow's chemo.

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