Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's a whole lotta pee...

The Boy has a bag strapped to his leg that is collecting all of his pee, from 1:30PM yesterday (when he was catheterized) to 1:30PM today, when he will be de-cath'd. The bag is filling up alarmingly quickly; while he was able to do most normal activities yesterday - walking, playing, the little running that he does, walking through the waist-high grass in the back yard - he will likely be limited this morning, due to the sheer weight of pee.

It's a good thing, as he was starting to look swelled on Monday due to the amounts of IV fluids. He's starting to slowly de-swell, just in time to be re-admitted tomorrow morning. Sigh. Whatever. We do what we must. This morning, he looked swollen around the eyes and the cheeks. He looked better than last night, fortunately. We'll see what happens by the end of the day.

The reason he has SO MUCH pee? Just getting the fluids and antibiotics out of his system is causing an increase in fluids.

De-cath'd at 1:30, and we'll hopefully get the walk in the park working, depending on the weather. If we get rained out, maybe we'll go to CostCo, or maybe we'll just go home. If today is anything like yesterday for The Boy and The Wife, then I'm skipping choir and staying home to help care for each other. If today goes smoothly, then I'm going to choir. I need the money; I need the snuggles more.

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