Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Utterly Normal Weekend (so far)

It's been extremely nice, so far this weekend. It's been... well... normal. No problems, no issues, no visits to the Hotel St. Barnabas. No health issues, no fevers, no chemotherapy, no IVs... just The Boy being a little boy and doing the stuff that little boys are supposed to do, like throw balls and tackle Daddy and watch Elmo and go down the slide and go on his swing and knock over piles of previously folded laundry and, in general, make the house look like a 34 1/2 inch hurricane hit it.

It's nice. It's really, really, really. nice.

Friday afternoon, I got home from school and the three and a half of us (Musical Daddy, The Wife, The Boy, and Baby Bear - technically, 3 3/4 of us) walked to the comic book store, towing The Boy in the red wagon. He loves the wagon, even if he won't wear a hat in the sun. Not good, considering that a side effect of chemotherapy is a sensitivity to the sun, but unavoidable. One cannot reason with a 21 month old. Anyway, we put a piece of chalk in the wagon with him and go for a walk.

At the comic book store, it's cute - he takes the "New This Week" signs off of the comic stacks and brings them to Miss Lena. Not to Daddy or to Mommy, but to Miss Lena. He'll bring them to Mr. Jack when Jack's working, but it was Miss Lena on Friday. Very funny; we need to bring him there on Tuesdays to collect the signs before Wednesday's comics deliveries.

We got home and rested for an hour before I had to leave to go play the musical up north. The Wife decided that that Friday would be a good night to go to the show, and she was right. They came up north, and once The Boy woke from the long car ride, he was a perfect gentleman for the entire 2.5 hour show! He loves the singing and the dancing. He was awake for most of the show, and he stayed in The Wife's lap and watched. He was such a good boy... not entirely surprising, considering that he's likely feeling the effects of chemo and feeling pretty chill, not his normal, energetic self.

Saturday morning, he was up at 6:15. We convinced him to stay in bed, watching Sesame Street on TiVo until about 8, when we gave him a snack and then went out to breakfast. He ate very well. He enjoys the "one egg meal" at the Scotchwood Diner, which is one egg (with ketchup, of course) and home fries, no meat. After breakfast, we came home and played for a while, until The Boy and I took a nap. The next several hours, once I woke, I did schoolwork while The Boy finished his nap and played with Mommy.

While Mommy rested, The Boy and I went outside to play. He is warming up to his swingset, but slowly. We did some swinging, which he was kind of lukewarm about. (Wow - Nathan Lane on Sesame Street. He's awesome, and singing a duet with three pigs.) He likes the concept of the ladder to climb, but The Boy's a little bit afraid of heights; he's nervous and scared in the little play space on the top of the set. Like, he won't stand, and he won't crawl... he just sits and whines a bit. That's fine. I was up there with him for a little while. He enjoys the slide very much, though he doesn't enjoy climbing up to go down the slide. Cie la vie.

We played in the sandbox for a while, also. He loves his sandbox, and he's getting good at using the shovel to pour sand into a bucket. Then, he enjoys dumping the sand onto his lap.

Here's a fun thought, suggested by a co-worker of mine: "Here's what you do: give your kid a big piece of watermelon, then sit him down in the sandbox. It's awesome. It's the closest thing to legalized tar-and-feathering, and, since the kid is laughing, it's legal. Just get the hose to spray them off when they're done, or you'll clean sand off the floor for a month."

Anyway, I left soon after to go play the closing night of the show. It was lots of fun to go back up there this week. I really, really like those guys and the people in that community - they're good, solid, interesting folk. Plus, there's a lot of potential in the kids in that area. I wish that things worked out differently while I was there, but such is life. I still love the people and consider many of them to be life-long friends.

This morning, I woke up in a puddle of baby pee. Looks like the diaper didn't work as well as usual. Sigh. He's still cute. Grandpa is coming over today to spend time with The Boy. I'll probably use some of that time to do schoolwork, but I probably should sleep.

Still. It's been a good weekend.

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