Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wine, Women, and Song...

Well, Song, anyway. Wine was possible, because they had a bar at the convention, but I'm not a drinker. Women? Not really. Two wives of friends of mine, but they don't really count as women in that sense. I mean, they're not dudes, but it's not like I'm looking.

This weekend was the barbershop convention. The division contest was held in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is about two hours plus from our home in central Jersey. After school, I stopped home to pack, then I left around 5:00 to head into Pennsylvania. It took a little more than three hours due to weekend traffic, which was annoying.

Here's the fun part: there is a LOT of friends that I have that I don't see much, outside of this and two or three other yearly barbershop events. It's something that I look forward to for months ahead of time, because these are great guys that happen to live too far away for a normal relationship. I look forward to getting together with these guys and spending the night until 3 or 4AM singing tags and songs and just hanging out and being a guy.

Here was my weekend: show up to the hotel, drop my stuff off. Go to the quartet contest Friday night to see the two quartets from my chorus sing, then go to bed. Asleep by 10PM, slept through until 7 the next morning. Did the chorus contest thing (VERY happy with the results - a score of 64 for singing, which is a near 10 point improvement from last year), done at 3. Napped until 6:30. Sang in the evening show, left immediately after singing. At the hospital at 10, stayed for fifteen minutes, home and asleep by 11:30.

Exciting, no? I'm STILL dramatically underslept. It was nice to have a night not kicked by a baby, but it's frustrating to be so far away from my family, in the hospital.

The Boy is doing okay. Chemo was pushed back into next week because of low platelet counts, and he received some red blood on Friday. That's concerning because it's very late in the chemo cycle, but the doctors say that it's a normal delay, likely due to the amount of antibiotics and infections in his system. Mild fever today - a temperature up to 99.4 by the midafternoon. Don't know what it is now, because that was two hours ago. Everyone's asleep right now, including Grandma curled up in the crib, which is worth its weight in gold. A picture will follow.

I think Grandma is sending us home tonight, for which I'm immensely grateful. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to stay and relieve her. I'll do whatever is necessary. Right now, I'm healthy - but I know that that won't last. I'll crash eventually and be useless for the better part of a week, so I want to get in the work while I'm capable of it. Still, it's nice to go home and have a fighting chance to get some sleep. Not likely, but a chance exists.

Chemo will start at some point. Likely Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. I wouldn't mind Tuesday, as it would give the last night of Diaper Hell on Saturday night. Sunday as an exhausted mess is easier to deal with than Wednesday as an exhausted mess. Plus, we REALLY want to go home. He's doing well - playing nicely, talking up a storm, flirting with the womenfolk. It's cute.

I need more coffee if I'm actually going to think.

There's another family that's working with the Chai Lifeline on the pediatric floor. We've given them our contact info through the charity folks, and I hope they contact us. More cancer friends...

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