Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

Last Father's Day, we were two days from The Boy's diagnosis. What a weird feeling - that was one year ago, but I feel like I've lived a lifetime.

What do I want for Father's Day? Easy. A card, hopefully with some lines and scribbles drawn by The Boy. I want to nap with him for a little while. I want a little bit of sun, so we can play outside. That's all. I'm pretty easy when it comes to this stuff.

Birthday and Christmas, I want presents. Father's Day is an excuse to spend time together. Besides, everything I want I have: beautiful wife, 1.9 children, a house, a car, and several hundred thousand dollars in medical bills.

Well, I do want an iPhone. It'll wait until The Boy's treatments are done. June 2011, when the iPhone 3GSTU comes out, I am so there. Maybe it'll be 64 gig at that time. That'd be cool.


Sarah R said...

Happy Father's Day, Musical Daddy!!! :) Hope it's the best...

X said...

it's will be the iPhone 5gSTFU