Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting blood, still getting chemo!

Getting blood is really, really boring.

We left this morning around 8:00 and hit the diner for breakfast. The Boy really impressed the hostess and a standing person by reading the letters on a "stop" sign. He had an egg sandwich with an English muffin and enjoyed most of it. We arrived at the Valerie Center at 9:15, he was accessed, and blood was taken for counts.

We walked across the street for The Wife's 38 week checkup and ultrasound, and the ultrasound was first. The Boy saw the ultrasound machine and flipped out; when the lights went out, he melted down completely. I took him back across the street, where we found out that he needed red blood cells but no platelets. The blood came around 11:30, and it took until 3:00 for it to finish.

So, what do we do? He fell asleep when the benedryl and tylenol was given, which is the stuff to reduce the inflammation from new blood. He slept until around 1-ish, and we had lunch and watched an episode of Dollhouse. Grandpa came by for a little while at this point. He woke up, and we watched an episode of Sesame Street together. We then chased him around the playroom for a while. Then, we went home.

Boring. Just, boring. Thankfully, The Wife and I were both there, so we were miserable in company. He had two really, really large poops while we were there, which was fun.

Chemo tomorrow. Grandma tomorrow afternoon. Transformers tomorrow or Thursday. It's been a really good run out-of-hospital!

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