Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Halfway through the week...

...and I'm still alive and no more insane than I was at the start of this heck-week.

The concert went swimmingly on Monday night. I mean, really, really well. My supervisor, principal, and vice principal were absolutely thrilled. I haven't gotten any "official" letter back from any of them - like, a letter than can go in my file saying that I'm an awesome guy and a helluva teacher - but I think they're going to wait until the concert season is done and write a group missive. Whatever. I slayed.

I even threw in a Bill Engvall joke: "The next piece is 'Themes from Harry Potter.' Not the book, the movie." That was really good, because I threw the line away at the end of the introduction, then gave the audience some time to get it. Most didn't, which made it funnier to those that understood the joke.

Marching band went well on Tuesday, also. Big problem for me: emotionally, I just wasn't there. I couldn't get excited or passionate about intervals, marching technique, horns up, any of it. I just couldn't drum up the enthusiasm. It's too early. I will get there; I know, by the end of August, I'll be up and bouncing about marching band. With the new director coming in - whomever he is - and the concert season and the master's project, I know that some stuff is only going to get cursory attention.

I spent last night at the hospital - left with the band bus after the national anthem, and got to the hospital around 9. It was a surprisingly easy night. I did the 10:15 diaper change, then I promptly fell asleep. The nurse did the 12 & 2 changes (thank G-D that they're cool about that, even though it's there job - they could be a little resentful about Mr. Sleeping Beauty, but they aren't), and I did the 4AM change because I just happened to be awake. The Boy woke as I was finishing the job, and he sat up and saw one of his shoes at the end of the bed. "Shoe! Shoe!" he said, grabbing it and playing with the velcro. I put "Goodnight Moon" on the television, and we were both asleep before the end of "There's a Nightmare in my Closet."

Goodnight Moon works on Daddy just as well - maybe better - than it works on The Boy.

The nurse did the 6:15 change, and I hit the snooze button until 6:45, when I went to school.

The master's project teaching is going well. It's kind of fun, because it's different. Long term: 15-20 minute lessons, about 35-40 of them, published in a book with examples and worksheets and stuff.

The current planned release date of The Boy will be Monday morning, assuming everything stays consistent. Chemo will be done on Friday, and Diaper Hell will be over Saturday afternoon. I'm excited about The Boy coming home, I really am - I'm running out of energy and would like a bit of a break.

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