Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.

Five years ago, I married The Wife in a beautiful ceremony at The Bethwood in Totowa, NJ. We had a very nice wedding, with our closest friends attending and our entire families present. It was a brilliant and fun weekend for everybody, with - miracle of miracles - no negative feelings, arguments, or anything that I was aware of.

Since then, we've had wonderful times: fixing up our house, trips to the shore and Florida and Pennsylvania, breakfasts and dinners and surprises, one and a half sons and friends and their moments.

Since then, we've had some terrible times: The Boy's diagnosis, my health issues, a couple of job changes, arguments and fights, family members acting idiotically and having their moments, friends who've drifted away.

All in all, I would marry her again and again and again. It was probably the best decision I ever made, and I'm thankful for it. Through good times and bad times, she and I have been there for and with each other, every day.

And to think - it all started when we both went to see friends' steel drum band debut their version of "The Thong Song."

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Sarah R said...

You are the sweetest husband ever! What a sweet post. Happy anniversary to you two--cheers!