Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home at night

It is lonely at night, without The Boy. It's quiet and easy around the house, which is weird. I know that they say parents enjoy the break, and I guess I do - but I hate the fact that he's ripped from us on a regular basis.

Tough night getting out of the hospital. The last few times I've left him, he's shrieked, "Dah-Dee! Dah-Dee!" until I was out of earshot. I know that he gets over it quickly, bit I still feel awkward.

We got home and I exercised, and it's pretty much straight to bed. We're going in early tomorrow, so that we can go see the new Transformers movie in an afternoon matinee. I'll bring some of my math papers and get a buttload of reading done as well.

Long day. Kind of boring because there's so little variety. Same room, same four walls, no real opportunity to take him to see different stuff.

Maybe, now that he's over the whole chewing on toys thing, we can arrange for some playroom time. I wish he'd let us put a mask and gloves on him, because then we'd definitely allow him playroom time.

Cute today: he saw a couple of babies in the admitting room and was absolutely fascinated. He wanted to look and to touch them. I think he's going to be a great big brother.

Also cute: him leaning in to smell the flowers in a painting on the wall, then to the pot of fake daisies. "Lah-wuhr! Lah-wuhr!"

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JC said...

I wish he would wear the mask too. Thankfully, Summer doesn't mind wearing hers as long as she knows she can leave the room. I also have that same problem with the shrieking child when I try to go workout some mornings and Daddy comes to stay. So hard to walk away, but sometimes you just have to! Hang in there!