Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Morning has broken...

We woke up at the usual time, more or less. Dressed, breakfast, ran down the slide once or twice, then hit the road for the hospital for chemo. We arrived at the hospital around 8:30 and were told that they were preparing the room for us. At 10, I sent The Wife home to do some shopping & clean up the kitchen a bit. (I'm refraining from the typical barefoot, pregnant, & in the kitchen jokes here, because I'd like to potentially father more children.) At 11, they sent us up to the lobby on the fourth floor to wait.

At noon, we got into our room.

That's a REALLY long time. The Boy was cranky for much of it, which isn't ideal. He was tolerable, all things considered, and he napped from eleven to twelve, waking in time to transport to the room.

We're in the isolation room in the stepdown unit, which is a new place with a different floor plan than what we're used to having. I set up the room as best as I'm capable, but - being a man - it's doubtlessly wrong. We'll see.

He had lunch - RICE RICE RICE and some chicken - and lots of apple juice. They brought me Starbucks, which let me make the Airplane! joke of, "How do you like your coffee?" "Like my men - hot, black, and strong." (Paraphrasing, here. I know the "like my men" comes after the hot black and strong line.)

Now, he's sitting on his playmat, yelling at the television for playing credits. And, here's Mommy!

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