Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post-chemo weeks

Today was kind of the "poster child" for post-chemo times. The Boy slept in this morning, waking and moving at 7:45 instead of his normal 6:30 or 6:45. He was up late last night, but not obnoxiously so; 9:30-ish was when he settled in. He pulled us out of bed and had a light breakfast of his usual yogurt & wheats / Special K, and he barely touched his egg. He played and lounged around for a few hours, then threw a fit when Mommy left to go to Home Depot and the craft store. In the process of calming him down, he fell asleep on my shoulder in the lounge chair - the first time in a long time that he's done that. We woke when Mommy came home, and we had lunch. He ate two eggs for lunch (that being what he wanted).

After lunch, he & I went for a walk around the neighborhood in his wagon. Well, he was in the wagon - I pulled. We stopped at Quikchek for coffee and by the F's for chatter. He followed F's daughters around for a little while, then came and rested with Musical Daddy while I finished kibitzing. We went back home, and he rested for another hour on the bed, snuggled up to Mommy.

After a couple of Elmo episodes, we went outside for about an hour, playing on the slide and in the new sand for the sandbox. I figured that, every other week or so, we'll change the sand and thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the sandbox because of the accumulation of insects on, in, and around the box. We played in the sand, then played in the garage for a little while before heading back inside to rest. He fell asleep next to Mommy and Musical Daddy while Daddy read and Mommy fixed the elastic on some of the cloth diapers.

He woke up an hour later and got hungry quickly. He and I had a light dinner; Mommy joined us soon afterwards. After dinner, he had some free play time - we let him roam around the house and play where ever he felt like playing. That's fine, as long as someone is there to make sure he doesn't screw around with stuff he's not supposed to - like wine glasses, sharp implements, electric outlets, etc. Tonight, he played with Playdoh, his trains, the buckles on his booster seat, the wineglasses (which we stopped quickly), the empty Mountain Dew (Diet) plastic bottles, and a pot lid. Not all at the same time.

We put him in the bath, which he was quite enthusiastic about. It was his first bath in almost a week - no bath (other than a wipedown) at the hospital, and we've been lazy since Friday night. We webchatted with Grandma, now The Boy and Mommy are going to bed while I exercise. I'll work out, shower, spend some quality time with The Wife, and pay this month's bills. I'll get to bed around midnight tonight, but accomplishing bill paying and reading 120 pages of my Grounded Theory textbook is a pretty good work day for me - considering I had a nap and a half with The Boy, a walk, and great outside playing.

But, this is what it's like. Slow paced days, with activities spaced by periods of rest and relaxation. Should be okay when the new baby arrives, I hope - we're going to need time of slow paced life.

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