Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scared another one...

A med student just opened our door to ask if she could come in and give a quick physical / medical history to The Boy. She did that without washing her hands at the sink right outside the room or without using the Purell dispenser right next to the door. When she opened the door and asked, we said, "Fine, but you have to wash your hands before you come in."

"I will, but I just wanted to check if you were available."

"That's fine, but you have to wash your hands first."

"I'm going to, I just..."

"Well, you've now brought whatever's on your hands to the doorknob."

She left.

Medical students are cute. They're like bunnies: tentative, scared, and unsure. Reminds us of the resident that came in without washing his hands: when we asked him to wash, he said, "I'm okay. I washed my hands in the last room." Umm.... no. I don't think so. Wash your hands in here, where we can see you. I'm not entirely sure what kind of third world country you came from, but in America we wash our hands before handling immune-compromised chemo patients.


Sarah R said...

Handwashing is the most important thing to know in healthcare, student or not.

I'm glad you said something. Hello--immunocompromized Boy!

JC said...

You made me smile! Thanks! The medical students here always seem to sanitize their hands when they walk in, but they are like timid little bunnies. :p