Friday, June 19, 2009

Sigh. I can't win for playing.

I've written about ten first sentences to this blog, and none of them work. I'm not unhappy, I'm not happy. I'm not depressed, I'm not jubilant. I'm not relieved, I'm not concerned. I'm not busy, I'm not free. It's just... life.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Let's see. My niece graduated from high school last night. I'm very, very proud of her. She's a great kid, and it's been a real pleasure watching her grow up. It's been more than just a pleasure, considering the amount that I've been involved in her life! I'm lucky to have helped such a smart, sweet, motivated, and beautiful young woman start to reach her vast potential. She's headed to Lockhaven University next year, to be in their honors program for physician's assistant. That's pretty cool.

Yesterday, I went to an ENT guy. I've been having a lot of issues over the past couple of months with my voice and my ears - a niggling little left ear ache was a minor concern, but the biggest concern was the condition of my voice. Considering the lengths that I go to sing correctly - tension-free, stress-free singing - the fact that I was starting to lose my voice after around fifteen minutes of singing is concerning. After spending fifteen minutes scraping hardened wax off of my left eardrum (which might have been one of the two or three most painful things I've gone through in the last year or two), I got my vocal cords scoped to find a small nodule on my left vocal fold. What does that mean?

No singing, two months. Basically. Vocal rest, as much as possible. Thank G-d it's the summer, although I'll be interested to see what happens with the summer program that I teach in. Watch me teach the voice classes again. It'll be interesting, conducting the Dapper Dans with no ability to sing for a while. (I know, I haven't had the ability to sing yet in my life, why should I worry now?)

My ear still hurts, and my nose and throat still feel funny from having a device stuck down there. At least, I think that's why those things are crazy right now. I have a feeling I might be coming down with the cold that J gave me at Dapper Dans rehearsal last week. This isn't a bad time to get sick - The Boy has great counts right now, so as long as I avoid craziness, we should all be okay.

I'm done teaching the lessons for my math degree. I think it was a success; at least, the kids seemed excited by the whole thing. I think there's a book in there, somewhere - "Fifteen minute music lessons to better mathematics," or something. The whole thing needs some honing, obviously. I need to start analyzing the results. I have paper stacked to around three feet high that needs to be sorted and categorized. Ah, grounded theory... I think I know what I'm going to find, but real-life data has a tendency to sort itself into odd patterns.

I got home from graduation last night and spent some nice time with the family. The Boy and I played for a while, then D from down the block had some school-related questions for me. That was nice, because it stopped raining and The Boy was suffering from major cabin fever. (He is his mother's son, after all! I can gleefully seat myself on the couch for a month at a time. Not her, so much.) He & I talked, and The Boy and The Wife ran around outside for a while. The Boy wasn't so interested in D's doggie, but he did pet her a little bit.

When we got back in (and I got ticked off following the Yankees horrendous, embarrassing, statement-of-mediocrity loss to the awful Washington Nationals), we put The Boy to bed. I had a late dinner and joined him around 10:00. That was great, except for the whole "awake at 4:15AM" thing that my body decided to do. Sigh. Some days, you can't win for losing.

Today is the last day of school for students. Yesterday & today, I'm bringing my Playstation to school and playing Rock Band with my students. That's fun. I still have to clean up my room to acceptable levels - take inventory, clean and organize the music library, start throwing away trash and items that I haven't used and never will use, clean up my computer as best as I can, and prepare further for the marching band season. It sounds like a bigger job than it actually is; I don't have a huge music library, and an afternoon or two next week will finish the job quite thoroughly in that regards. The computer backs itself up on an external hard drive every day, so that's pretty much done - just delete the crap that I'm not going to use, and we're golden. Throwing stuff away is something I'm good at. I don't think the small marching band trophies from 2001 and 2003 are really going to be useful; I'll keep one or two of the big ones from each year, or - better yet - forward them to the new high school band director.

That'll make a nice welcoming gift for his first day on the job next week: stack about fifty marching band trophies in his (small) office. Kind of funny, actually.

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