Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stubborn little monkey...

The Boy is sandwiched between the two of us, in that partially grumpy and partially snuggly "I Need a Nap" mode. The only problem? He's been like that for an hour now. The two adults in the picture are exhausted, but he seems to be carrying on just fine. Stubborn little monkey.

Right now, it's my wife's turn to nap while I play goalie. That's fine. She's 8.67 months pregnant and likely needs it more than me, who is just lazy. I had 20 minutes, until woken by my brother calling on the landline and on the cel phone. Whatever.

No news on the baby front. I still feel like it's coming soon - in the next week. My wife is entirely unconvinced. She had another "false contraction" this morning, which is when the uterus tightens and releases. There's no pain; her belly just becomes hard.

Chemo will start on Wednesday and run thru Friday. Next time, we'll push it back to Monday, then to Friday or Saturday. I'm not thrilled about the late chemo start - don't want to lose another week - but this might let us see Transformers on Thursday or Wednesday, and that's cool.

We still have no plans on what to do with The Boy if she goes into labor on a non-chemo time. Huh.


Elana Kahn said...

Ahhh...I remember the false contractions. Although I had them several times a day for several weeks (maybe a month or so) and never actually went into labor. Maybe she'll have the baby on my hubby's birthday (Tues the 23rd). I'm putting in my bet for that or the 4th of July. :-D

Sarah R said...

Maybe your hubby instinct will be right!

It would be quite ironic if he came on June 25th. A day that was so bad for you last year could be a celebration from now on.

It's also my birthday. ;)