Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking a Break from Grading...

Not school grades, of course, because that ended last week. This is grading the post-assessments for my math & music project. I'm not entirely convinced that the comparison between the pre-assessment and the post-assessment is actually going to work, considering how much the project changed in form and in scope since the pre-assessment was designed, but that's just my own perfectionism coming through. It'll be fine to get the degree, then I hone my work afterwards. I still have about 20 tests to grade, which should take me the equivalent of one episode of Scrubs.

The Boy had a very good day today.

We all overslept this morning. My alarm - which is a track from my iPod - went off at the appropriate time, but the volume level was not set correctly, because it had been playing for twenty minutes by the time I actually awoke. That's okay, because things are really relaxed on the teacher day, anyway. I dressed, updated the iPod, ate a quick breakfast, and headed out. The Boy was quite upset when I left, screaming, "Dee! Dee! No! No!" It was quite heartbreaking, in one sense, but nice in another sense. Most mornings I get a backhand wave and a "Bye-bye!"

For some reason, "Dah-Dee!" has been shortened to "Dee!" It's very cute. My father calls me "C," mostly because he hasn't called any of his sons (me in particular) by their given names without going through at least one or two of the others in years and years. Still, it's sometimes tricky to know when The Boy is calling me or just identifying his favorite letter.

Once he calmed down and ate breakfast, Mommy and The Boy joined me at school. The poor kid has had major cabin fever for the last couple of days - a healthy kid should never be confined to the house, and it's rained for the last two weeks around here. So, they came to school today, I gave him a set of drumsticks and let him go nuts on the percussion equipment in the back of the room. It was quite cute. They stayed for about two hours while I did assorted teacher / cleaning things: stacking chairs, putting percussion equipment in closets, throwing away a few trees' worth of papers, filing stuff that I should file, and organizing stacks of papers into recognizable and usable forms. They left, I stayed and ran around my room for another two hours, then I went home.

The day is very fluid; teachers are coming and going all the time. Most of the summer, we're all there on a regular basis anyway, so there's no "checklist" or anything like that for us to follow on the last day. I know that I'm going to take The Wife in on Thursday or Friday in order to do a comprehensive music and instrument inventory.

But, I digress.

I got home at noon-ish, to find The Boy asleep. He woke up, and we all had lunch. I spent an hour puttering around the house and straightened things up, and The Boy had his physical therapy session. At the end of PT, Mommy, The Boy, and I laid down for a quick nap, which lasted about two plus hours. We played once we woke up until dinner, and once I finished mowing the lawn, we played on the swingset for a while. He climbed up the ladder and went down the slide about two dozen times, which was really, really great! It's so good for him and his strength to climb up that wooden ladder and push himself down the slide. He gets so excited about it, that we loved to watch him.

Easy to bed tonight for him; he fell asleep in about ten minutes. He's probably going to be getting blood tomorrow, because his color behind his eyelids is much, much lighter than usual. Chemo on Wednesday.

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