Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yankees & Cablevision

Anyone a Cablevision subscriber, out there?

The Yankees and Cablevision have offered a package for Cablevision subscribers, to stream the baseball games over the internet. It's $50 for the year, or $20 for any given 30-day period.

As you might know, I'm a baseball fanatic. Like, huge huge huge huge huge baseball fan. The hospital doesn't get the YES Network, which is the local sports station that carries the baseball games.

Here's what I'm hoping: I'm hoping that one of my readers is, or has a friend or family member that is, a Cablevision subscriber and baseball fanatic that is planning on getting this package. I'm also hoping that that person could contact The Wife or me, and set us up with a password so that we can watch the ball games while we're at the hospital.

Thanks in advance. I definitely appreciate it!

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