Sunday, July 5, 2009

Moving into our own room

1:33PM: We’re in our labor and delivery room. They’ve upgraded the televisions in the last two years, putting small HDTVs in the room. The internet isn’t working, however; I’m getting a clear signal from the hospital broadcasters, but no internet is coming through. Sigh.

The room is set up interestingly. The television is 90 to the left of the bed, so The Wife has to turn on her side to watch it. The visitor chair is underneath the television, and right next to the hospital linens hamper. The television input button doesn’t work, which means that we can’t watch the iPod shows I brought with us. I mean, I can watch them, but she can’t.

I think I’m going to try to catch a little nap while we’re in the boring part of the labor.

2:22PM: Just woke up from a 20 minute nap, which I really needed. Cousin J is here; she might stay until the birth, depending. That'd be cool; she's a neat chick. Anyway, internet is finally working, and Joba is getting lit up by the Blue Jays. Great. Mommy is doing okay; not comfortable, but still jovial. Contractions are coming. She's sitting on the exercise ball for comfort right now.

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