Saturday, July 25, 2009

Abort! Abort!

Not a big fan of our night nurse. I knew there'd be an issue, when one blood pressure reading of 140/96 went unchallenged. Everyone else takes at least one more reading, then moves to a different limb, before accepting the reading.

When she seemed taken aback by me asking her to mix the medicine with grape juice, she responded by using enough juice to have our hydrolazine come out to 7mL of fluid (we take 2mL in our concentration) and 10 mL of the monoxidil (which is a 2.5mg pill). I'm not thrilled about that.

She did tell me that she tried to convince Dr. Roberti to redo the chemical workup to check the potassium levels. She has that going for her.

When we rolled The Boy over to give him his potassium-reducing enema, she didn't get it right. She inserted the tube, squeezed, and nothing came out. Took it out, reinserted it, squeezed, nothing came out. Adjusted, nothing came out; Adjusted, and fluid sprayed from somewhere onto the diaper. Adjusted once more, and I called quits. I'd rather try the oral solution (spread out over an hour and a half or so), then the IV, then dialysis, before I risk this nurse opening an anal fissure in my slow-healing son.

I really don't want another asshole opening up, that will force consequences that we'll deal with until the end of his treatment. I've read enough horror stories.

She called Dr. Roberti, who wants to run the potassium numbers again before we give him the fluids. This was around fifteen minutes later, and The Boy was sleeping on his belly on me. I rolled The Boy over so we could access the port. Long story short, she put the flush in but got no blood. Had to manipulate The Boy (waking him up and really ticking him off) before we got a blood return.

I know that's not necessarily her fault, but why could Debbie get it this afternoon and she couldn't do either thing?

Urgh. 12:18AM. I'm not particularly optimistic about the potassium levels, so I'm positive that I'll be giving oral medication from approximately 1 until 3 AM. I'll keep you informed.


JC said...

Holy crap! So sorry. Hope they can get it under control without causing more problems.

Sarah R said...

I am frustrated just reading this; I can't imagine how frustrated you must be....