Monday, July 27, 2009

Altogether, a fun day.

The Boy had a pretty darn good day today.

After the aforementioned refrigerator game, we played normal games for a little while before S, a volunteer from Chai Lifeline (they're SO AMAZING!!!) came by. Lunch arrived at roughly the same time, so we set up The Boy with turkey and rice, and I left to go downstairs to McDonald's and have lunch with Uncle B.

McD's is getting slightly better when it comes to its choice in foods. I had a snack wrap, which is grilled chicken, honey mustard dressing, lettuce, and a tortilla wrap. 290 calories, which isn't bad. Granted, the chocolate chip cookies I had for desert were worse, but still better than a Big Mac.

When I got back upstairs, The Boy was asleep in S's arms. I puttered around the room for a bit until he started to stir, then we put him in bed and S left. It's really nice having the company, and I'm glad she came! He slept another couple hours, until 4 o'clock. At that point, we went into the playroom to play for a half hour, before they closed at 4:30.

When we got back to the room, Logical Mommy and Younger Bro were there! What a wonderful treat! Another volunteer from Chai Lifeline was there, so I took the opportunity to go and work on some schoolwork while they took care of the boys. The Boy had dinner, which was hot turkey and rice and most of a thing of Enlive, the pediatric protein shake stuff that the nutritionist recommends. We want to fatten him up, you know.

The volunteer left soon after, and Grandpa came by to visit. It was a nice visit, for sure! The Boy did some nice playing, and Mommy and Younger Bro left after a while. Grandpa stayed long enough for me to do my teeth and stuff, then he left. Soon after, The Boy fell asleep and, I hope, will sleep through the night.

His blood pressures have been great all day, hovering in that 100/55 range which is the correct neighborhood. His potassium levels and blood creatinine levels have been decreasing as well, so we're on track for chemo starting tomorrow. Considering how much they have to hydrate him for the chemo medications, they want to reduce his water levels and potassium levels still further. But, they cut the dosage of the minoxidil down. (I don't think that'll last. But, let them experiment. What do I know, anyway?)

Just a nice day today, for sure. Lots of great visitors, lots of great family time... I even held both boys for a little while! No complaints at all, for once. The rest of the night, I'm going to work on my paper a bit, then watch a movie. Maybe "Knowing."

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