Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, Jessica is our night nurse tonight. She's cool, and we get along wonderfully. The Boy was standing on his playmat, building a tower out of his stacking blocks, when Jessica asked him, "David? Would you like to take your medicine now?" His response: a loud, wet poop into his diaper. It was so wonderfully timed.

Late last night, The Wife, Younger Bro, and I were on the way back from the hospital, where the two of them were spending time with The Boy and Grandma while I was attending to family business. Younger Bro hates the car and was way, way overtired and overstimulated from his evening. He was screaming, screaming, screaming while we played the barbershop quartet music that normally helps soothe him. Acoustix, the championship quartet, was singing their Simon & Garfunkel medley, "It was the sound...." Younger Bro stopped crying at exactly this moment: "of silence." Again, he had to have understood the words and planned to stop at that exact moment. Irony, at 10 days old.

It's 9:45PM. The Boy has surgery at 8:30AM tomorrow to replace his port, so he'll be NPO from 2:30AM forwards. That's fine. He slept this afternoon from 2PM to 6PM: normal nap transitioned into Benedryl-induced slumber. He'll be awake, my prediction, until midnight or so.

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