Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eventful Day (In a Nice Way)

Yesterday, I got home around 4:45 and went right to bed. I slept, watched some of the barbershop contest, typed a paper up for school, and slept some more. I woke at 7:30AM feeling about 67% of normal, which was a significant step better than yesterday. Drove to Trader Joe's for some hospital groceries, stopping at Panera Bread for breakfast along the way, and went to the hospital.

Younger Bro was off the lights, the doctors deciding that the bilirubins count had stayed the same, which is good. I held him for a while, until he got hungry and started rooting around my shirt for some booby, despite me advising him that he'd be out of luck. Silly baby. I handed Younger Bro off to Mommy and went upstairs.

The Boy was SO happy to see me! It felt really good. He looked fine. He had puked up his dinner last night again, which was bad, but otherwise had an uneventful evening. Grandma went downstairs for some newborn time, and The Boy and I snuggled up for a nap. What a nap it was... one of those ones where he just kind of melts into you, which feels very nice.

In the first half hour of his nap, we had a visitor - by life or by phone - every 4 minutes. Seriously, 7 visitors. First was the man telling about TV BINGO at the hospital. Then the rabbi stopped by for a chat. Then the phone rang with one of my friends. Then the Chai Lifeline people came by. Then the nurse. Then the doctor. Then someone from the playroom (no thanks, we're sick enough). The the phone rang with one of the sisters-in-law. Finally, the world took the hint and we went back to sleep.

The Boy had an EKG today. One of the things that the doctor was checking was the potential for tiny clots to form in the heart. These clots don't interfere with heart function, but they do provide a place for bacteria to gather, which would be bad. Haven't heard the results, but The Boy didn't like it too much. For the first fifteen minutes, he complained loudly and stridently that he didn't want to be there. Then, he calmed down when he started to realize that the person wasn't going to stick him with anything, and he actually let me get up and get him some juice and put Elmo on the television.

The EKG man left, and it was lunchtime. After lunch was the craziest crazy baby that he's had in a while. I mean, full-body tackels. It was really cute and very welcome. He was grinning ear-to-ear, and laughing, and giggling, and climbing all over everything. He was so nice to be around!

Now, I'm sitting in The Wife's bed, with Younger Bro in his plasticrib next to me and The Wife typing on her blog (logicalmommy.blogspot.com), waiting for the doctors to say something. The Boy's Bili count was up to 9.7, which isn't great. Here's to hoping that we DON'T have to leave him here overnight. That would be bad. We're hoping that they'll let us bring him in to be examined, which would be fine considering that we're going to be around anyway, thanks to The Boy.

The nurses down here in the maternity ward aren't very nice. They remind me of the late middle-aged women that I never really get along with at work - the ones that are threatened by my sense of humor and refusal to mindlessly obey their commands. They're kind of bitter and humorless, not anything like the great nurses in the pediatric wings. I can't wait until we're out of here and back to step-down, where we belong.

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Congrats on the baby!