Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Matters

Dr. Rifkin made an important point back in November, when we were told our treatment schedule for Wilms relapse: She said that she'd seen more families torn apart than brought together by the stresses of caring for extremely sick children. I kind of understand, being in the middle of a process of refereeing a title bout between my wife's family and my family.

The good news is, neither my wife, my sons, or I were the ones that caused this particular issue to happen. Granted, a telephone call or two from me before The Wife gave birth could have averted much of this; but that's beside the point.

The important thing for everyone to understand and to deal with is the fact that none of this is about anybody's ego. It's entirely, 100% about caring for The Boy. It's hard to recognize that sometime, because people's emotions take command of their actions, and everything involved with this is highly emotionally charged. I flip out because of stress, someone else picks up on that and strikes out at someone close by, meaning to help the situation... and that throws a match into a gasoline can. The resultant explosion never hurts just the two people involved; it always hurts those innocents who happen to be nearby.

Anyway. I'm glad this one wasn't my fault, even if I hate having to take time away from my family to deal with it. My wife has been really, really hurt by this; thoughtless remarks made in the heat of battle can hit post-pardum-hormone ears like a ton of bricks. Suffice it to say that the first two weeks of Younger Bro's life have been made considerably less joyful than they should be.

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Jennifer said...

You have to do what's best for your family (Mol and boys). I'm amazed by reading your posts about how strong the two of you are and how well you guys are dealing with everything. I hope everything gets worked out with everyone else.